Reading Is Fun


Adventures with Books~Velda Blumhagen

Books are ships
That sail the seas
To lands of snow
Or jungle trees.
And I’m the captain bold and free,
Who will decide which place we’ll see.
Come, let us sail the magic ship.

Books are trains
In many lands,
Crossing hills
Or desert sands.
And I’m the engineer who guides
The train on its exciting rides.
Come, let us ride the magic train.

Books are zoos
That make a home
For birds and beasts
Not free to roam.
And I’m the keeper of the zoo,
I choose the things to show to you.
Come, let us visit in a zoo.

Books are gardens
Fairies, elves,
Cowboys, and people
Like ourselves.
And I can find with one good look
Just what I want, inside a book.
Come, let us read!                                       

For reading’s fun


The Book Fort – How To Make One



In case you have been having some Rainy Summer Days….here is an idea of how to have some fun inside!!

Build a BOOK FORT!!!

Now….if you have enough books that you can make the fort of those…even better….but this is a link on how to build a fort that you can curl up in and enjoy a good book!!!

If you are in need of some good reading materials….you might even want to check out this book:




Are you looking for something FUN to do over the summer!?

Do you want to challenge yourself to read more books??    Or maybe some different types of books??

Then check out BOOK BINGO!!!!

These are printable bingo cards with 24 reading challenges (provided by Random House)!

Join us and challenge yourself to read more, to read more widely and to have fun doing it all!

You can approach the Reading Bingo card(s) however you like:

Beginners, start by getting one line…

If you’re more advanced, try the whole outside box on the card…

Experts, fill in the whole card!

But most importantly……READ AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!