If Kids Books Were Written Today…



When you are reading classic books and stories written many years ago…do you ever stop and wonder what they might have been like…if they had been written today?

Sometimes…I like to pull out a book from my childhood and reread it and just stop and think about how simple things were back then.  How different things were.  How technology has really changed things.

Sometimes I wish we could go back to those simpler times.

But then again….sometimes I wish for this…..



National Poetry Month – For Kids

April is National Poetry Month….and when you say the word “Poetry” to most kids….you probably get the same expression that I gave when I was a kid!


But….I do have a recommendation!  His name was Shel Silverstein! And he honestly is one of the main reasons I started reading books…started writing poetry…and then wanted to become a writer!  You can learn more about him and his legacy at his web-site here:  Shel Silverstein

Here are some examples of some of his poems!! Silly?  Very!  Fun?   Extremely!!!