The Book Fort – How To Make One



In case you have been having some Rainy Summer Days….here is an idea of how to have some fun inside!!

Build a BOOK FORT!!!

Now….if you have enough books that you can make the fort of those…even better….but this is a link on how to build a fort that you can curl up in and enjoy a good book!!!

If you are in need of some good reading materials….you might even want to check out this book:




Are you looking for something FUN to do over the summer!?

Do you want to challenge yourself to read more books??    Or maybe some different types of books??

Then check out BOOK BINGO!!!!

These are printable bingo cards with 24 reading challenges (provided by Random House)!

Join us and challenge yourself to read more, to read more widely and to have fun doing it all!

You can approach the Reading Bingo card(s) however you like:

Beginners, start by getting one line…

If you’re more advanced, try the whole outside box on the card…

Experts, fill in the whole card!

But most importantly……READ AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!




Happy 4th of July Fun!!!



HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!  

We hope all you kids out there have a great Holiday!  Just remember to be safe….and always have fun!!!!

Try to be outside as much as possible over the week-end!!!  We encourage outdoor fun almost as much as reading!!!

But if you are stuck inside….or in the car on a road-trip with your family….here is something fun for you to print off and color!!


This Book Belongs To….

This Book Belongs To


Hey Kids!

We hope you are having a great summer and enjoying some of your favorite books!!!

And if you really love your books and don’t want anything to happen to them, you might try making your very own “This Book Belongs To” labels.

That way you can make sure everyone knows that the book is yours!!   (Unless you want to share of course!)

Here a few ideas to get you started….or you can print them out and add your names!!

Have FUN and remember to READ HAPPY!!!




Welcome To Our Kids Page!!!

Kids Page


Naptown Books isn’t just a Little Free Library!  No….it isn’t!  SmallSmileyHappy

We are hoping that it is going to be a FUN FILLED READING EXPERIENCE!!!!!

And part of that experience is going to be our Kids Page!!

Every week…we will bring to you new and exciting kids activities!  They may be reading activities, games, puzzles, cartoons and all sorts of fun stuff!!!

So Stay Tuned….READ HAPPY…..and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!